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Quick Charge Power bank
Category : mobile accessories
price : 25$


Product details of Onda M100S 10000mAh Quick Charge Powerbank Slim External Battery Pack

Features :

  • Unique identification 0.5-2.1A output common interface. Output speed of 50 seconds to charge 1%
  • 2.5D arc design, independent manufacture rubber paint, feel the skin class experience, high-end fashion, ABS + PC fireproof material, fire temperature to enhance security;
  • Imported polymer batteries, high standard of all aspects of the test cycle
  • Using a unique program to reduce internal losses, improve the conversion rate can reach 85% or more
  • The real standard capacity, real Apple phone charge, can reach about 5 times (off)
  • Inputs and outputs are 2A
  • Dual USB Ouput
  • Micro USB, Lightning Input
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