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For orders, whatsapp any of these numbers
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With a primary mirror 350mm , this telescope is ideal for backyard astronomy and is a great introductory telescope if you are interested in learning all about astronomy. With this telescope , you can see tremendous detail when viewing the moon . With planets you can see the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter. In dark skies you can see distant nebulae and galaxies as well .

Eyepieces and accessories Large : This telescope comes with two high-power eyepieces with storage containers , and a Barlow lens 3x . With the Barlow , you can achieve up to 116x magnification of distant objects . The telescope also comes with an aluminum tripod is fully adjustable and allows taller people to observe the stars without having to bend in an awkward position .


Fast -Focus eyepiece .
360 suitable for ocular rotational different uses.
Nylon laptop bag for easy transport .
Collapsible aluminum tripod .
Cleaning Cloth for Ocular .

Specifications :
Model : F350 - 50 Visionking
Construction Material: Aluminum Alloy
Finish: Matte Black
Focal Length : 50mm
Eye diameter : K9mm/K25mm
3x Barlow
Maximum Magnification : 116x

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