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dual passive infrared detector
Category : Electronics
price : 15$
For orders, whatsapp any of these numbers
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1. ASIC adopted
2. automatic temperature compensation
3. send alarm signal by rf
4. adjustable detection distance
5. low battery indication
6. smt approved model

technology parameter
standby power: less than 12ua
alarm current: less than 15ma
operating temp .: 10 to +50 degrees
installation mode: wall or hung in the corner
mounting height: 1. 7 2. 5m
Detect distance: 9-12m
detection angle: 110 degrees
transfer freq: 433 MHz / 315 mhz
send distance: more than 100m

1: Installation procedure on outdoor place with pets, air-condition nearby, direct sunlight, heat resouce and among the rotating objects should be prevented.
2: the surface of the installation must be without vibrations.
3: installing the detector at the place where intruder pass easily.
4: mounting brackets on the wall by means of screws.
the products is wireless passive infrared detector with high stability. It has adopted advanced technology in signal processing and provides super high detection capability and anti-error alarm. The detector will detect the movements of the human automatically when intruder pass the detected area and send wool alarm singal to alarm host if there is movement.
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