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Mini Portable Mole & Dark Spot & Tattoo Removal
Category : Health and Beauty
price : 22$
For orders, whatsapp any of these numbers
03 571 570     03 033 022


German Electric Ion Technology

Remove Mole And Spots Quickly

Five Intensity To Adjust

Portable And Rechargeable


1. German electric ion technology, more stable and safe.

2. 5 levels can be adjusted, more precise and intense.

3. High capacity battery, 2200 mAh lithium ion battery, charging 2hours, it can work 5hours.

4. high-frequency voltage, no current feeling, no pain feeling.

5. USB data line, two kinds of needles, comprehensive accessories.


Package size: 20.5* 11* 4.5cm

Product size:3.5 *3.5 * 18cm


Net weight: 105g


Level: 5 levels

Material: ABS



use to remove tattoo, mole, corn, verruca, granulation



use to remove spots, cut off the couperose skin


Remove spots

Slightly move the pen to the spot, move back and forth slightly. You can see the spot will become black. If the spot is light and small, then you can remove it after the first treatment. Otherwise, bigger spots need 2-3 treatments.

Client needs to keep still, in addition, the cosmetologist need to hold it clam and keep balance. In case to affect the spot and left scar.


Remove mole

Please pay attention to the depth of the mole. Do not use it too much deep at first, you had better use it in little checkered way. After treating some deep mole, please take good care of it and use cream before the wound is recover. But if the wound is inflamed, please don't use cream and go to see the doctor.


Remove granulation

Slightly move the pen to the granulation, after one week, the granulation will fall off, if the spot is large, then you should do the other treatment depend on the recover situation.


Remove tattoos

use bodkin, method are just like remove spots. Cosmetologist and clients need to be careful, if there are any inflammation, please go to the hospital right away.

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